Web Conference Etiquette & Know How

How this Web Conference Works

This Zoom Web Conference is being Hosted by President Hugh of the Toronto Caribbean Club

  • I would like to thank Pres. Hugh and Ryerson Univ. for lending their Zoom account to this DCM meeting

  • We have done this in order to facilitate a more effective meeting experience for the participants.

  • Pres Hugh will be the Meeting Moderator

  • This separation of roles always the Presenters, to focus on the meeting & not to be distracted by the mechanics of running an online meeting, such as, Admitting people to the meeting

DCM Housekeeping

Understand your Mute Button

  • We will Mute all participants initially & may do so periodically

  • You need to know how to turn your Mic off & back on, if you wish to speak and are recognized by the Chair or Monitor

  • Note: Please be aware of the little Microphone icon in the bottom left corner of your Zoom Screen

Different Modes of the Meeting

Screen Sharing

Much of this meeting will be using the Screen Sharing function in Zoom, that we can display a variety of information.

Most this information is also available on this Newsletter site for review, some will only displayed in the meeting and emailed to you afterwords

The Participant Views of everyone in the Meeting

When we are not Screen Sharing Agenda Material, we will be in the participant view. You can select either Gallery view or Spotlight view. The latter, puts the current speaking in bigger window.

  • You are welcome to turn your video on or off during the meeting.

  • If you have uploaded a picture of your self to your Zoom Account, we will see that picture if turn off your Video, otherwise we will see the name you signed in on, on your device - PC, Tablet, Smartphone,

Learn to use the "Reactions" and the "Chat" functions.

The "Reactions", in the bottom right of our Zoom window, function allows you to show a thumbs up or a clap image on your screen, if you approve

The Chat allow you to send a note to a specific participant, the Meeting Moderators or the Entire Meeting, or example, if you would like to comment to the meeting about something.

We will be sharing the Agenda and related detail screen as the meeting proceeds

ZOOM Polling

  • We will be trying out the POLLING function in Zoom account

  • Both for Fun and maybe for Business, ie keeping track of a vote

GOOGLE Forms for Surveys and Voting

Like the RSVP form at the top of the Agenda Page, Google Forms allow us to put together, simple and attractive Quizzes, Submission Foms, and Votes

For example Click here for a survey your wine preferences