DCM June 6th 2020

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Welcome to our Spring 2020 DCM - Divisional Council Meeting

a Web Conference on Sat June 6th, 10am, 1.5 hours

  • This Zoom meeting will be hosted by President Hugh of Kiwanis Club Toronto Caribbean - Thank you President Hugh.

  • Please click here to complete the "DCM RSVP Form" before the meeting.

  • Respectfully, we request participation of at least one member from your Club Board, from next year. All are welcome of course.


  1. Welcome to our first Virtual DCM in Division 9 - Click Here

    • How this Web Conference works

  2. Introducing the Division 9 Kiwanis Team - Click Here

    • Your LG Elect - Mary Ellen Trimble & Team

  3. Division 9 Goals - now and Oct 1 2020 - Click Here

    • What are our plans

  4. Review of Kiwanis Division 9 under lock down - Click Here

    • News from the Clubs

  5. Kiwanis Plan for CLE's, now ....until Sept 30 - Click Here

    • KI & District Training Schedule, Division Schedule

  6. Marketing Kiwanis in Division 9 - Click Here

    • Progress Status

  7. Wrap up - Click Here

Come Join Our Zoom refreshments after the meeting

Coffee and Donuts - Self Service