Zoom Web Conferencing

COVID-19 has prevented Kiwanis clubs from meeting in person and the venues we meet are all closed to the public. It's important for Kiwanis clubs to continue to meet so we can plan our fundraising events & continue our community efforts. Luckily there are some great tools that allow us to have effective meetings online.


40 mins limit on Group Meetings

  1. More than 3 or more participants

  2. Host up to 100 participants -

  3. Good for Club Meeting, with well managed agenda

  4. Unlimited number of meetings

Also you One to One Meetings

  1. Unlimited Time

  2. good for one on one briefings and planning

  3. Ticket Support

A free Zoom account should meet your club's needs. Many feature of the Paid account have been turned on for Free Account Users now

You also cannot record meetings with the free account.

Note that even if you get a paid host account, your members can still create free accounts and use the free features.

What is the difference between the Basic and Pro plans?

Zoom offers a full-featured Basic Plan for free with unlimited meetings. Try Zoom for as long as you like - there is no trial period. Your Basic plan has a 40 minutes time limit on meetings with three or more total participants. Need your group meetings to last longer than 40 minutes? Sign up for a Pro Account here.