Reflections on Meetings

Reflections on Online Meetings

The Host

  • One person is the Host and has some control over meeting

  • Being the Host in a Web Conference meeting has some challenges

  • Mainly "Admitting Participants" and some aspects of "Mute a Participant"

    • Managing members waiting to be admitted, especially after the meeting is rolling and the Host may not notice an Admit request

    • Managing the Mute on participants, Host can Mute all, but not unMute!

  • The Host can also disconnect a participant

  • The Host can present a screen or a document

    • Presented material may appear small on some participants screen (phones tablets)

    • So presented material needs to be appropriate for the participants (in simple terms BIG)


  • Need to be ready and able to Mute & unMute themselves as appropriate.

    • Ambient noise can be a factor

    • It seems that if there are 2 participants from the same house, and in ear shot of each other, there will be TOO MUCH feedback noise even if using earphones

    • Separate rooms or use one screen

  • Earphone are a great idea, keeps it private at your house (& or does not disturb others as at my house)

  • The Host can not unMute someone (at least not in the Free Version)

  • Participants can enter a meeting from a Smartphone, Tablet, PC.and even just a phone in,

  • You do not have to have your video turn on, if you do not want to. It is useful to have your name or an static picture embedded in your phone or PC set though,

There definitely some techniques for looking better or worse while on line

#1, are Lighting and background

  • If you have too much light behind you, your face will look dark

  • If your background is facing a living space you may have unexpected things happening in that background.

You can have some fun with changing backgrounds, but this may depend on your computer and Video card capability, (on one of my PC's it tell me it will not work)

You can unload your own picture to be your background, the link is right there on the same screen

The Future, We can have even more fun

  • A wine and Cheese section of meeting

  • Quizzes and Games

  • Crazy Hat Meeting