Technology & our Service Clubs

What Technology are we using in the various clubs Division 9 & around the world

Below is a list of various software and services that are being used

How do we best lever the changing & updating technology around us, to run our clubs and help the children of the world.

This a much discussed, as people in general simply do not like to change. Habits diehard.

Which Main Elements of Techology are Division 9 Clubs using

At a recent DCM, the Caucus gave some direction as to which piece of technology they would to concentrate on

Club Dashboard

  • direct to KI reporting

Website & Social Media

  • WordPress - provided by KI

  • Facebook and Instagram


  • Email

  • WhatsApp

Online Storage and sharing

  • Some clubs still use Portalbuzz, but are getting off it

  • Google Docs & Google Drive, either at the Gmail level or a full Google Suite was adopted at the Feb 1 DCM

  • TechSoupCanada has been used by Division 9 and Clubs to gain access to Google NonProfit Services

Web Conferencing

Not Discussed but implied since

  • Mainly Zoom

  • Google Meet

  • Webex

Required by Kiwanis International

Kiwanis Reporting

- Assumes the use of a Internet connection & a Browser, (for ex. Internet Explorer, Chrome, MS EDGE, Firefox)

Your can access the Club Reporting tools directly from anywhere on the web, or by going through Portalbuzz

Kiwanis Portals to access or report information

Kiwanis International

Kiwanis also has had a long term relationship with Portalbuzz, which it is now slowly getting out of. KI is moving to providing all of these services themselves

  • PortalBuzz - can be used to access club information, and the primary club dashboard, plus other functions of portalbuzz club information system, an alternate to using service would careful use of Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive

EC&C District

Kiwanis Division 9

Some of these sites may limited access to members or specific users

Software Suggested by KI

Club Communications

Club Email

Regular communication with your club members is vital to keeping them engaged and interested. There are several email providers who make it easy to upload the Kiwanis template, add your words and images and send to your club.

Recommended Email Providers (We presume they mean mass emailing, it at the KI or District level)


  • WordPress

  • PortalBuzz

Digital Tools, Clubs use to Communicate in our world


  • Email is the general standard, that most Kiwanis can respond to

  • Some clubs use other tools, as their communication tools, such as WhatsApp or MS Teams

Communication tools:

  • Email

  • Website postings

  • Facebook & Facebook messenger

  • WhatsApp

  • Microsoft Team

  • Others?

Managing Individual Member Email Addresses

This has been an ongoing problem, as members become more familiar with email and evolve to newer systems

  • KI asks that each member register under one email address, this give every member access to updating their own Profile - at

  • This is changeable through the Club Dashboard as required, but can take a while to take effect

  • If Members change their email and DO NOT update it on, it is impossible to communicate with that member

Web Conferencing

This is happen around us and is changing as we write

The Common tools available to club

  • Zoom

  • Google Meet

Other Tools, used by various business & Organizations

  • GoTo Meeting

  • Webex

  • Microsoft TEAM

On Line Storage Services

Clubs are shifting to storing club materials online

  • This facilitates common access and not losing materials over time

  • Effective use of these system, requires planning and some trial and error

The most common of these are

  • Google Drive

  • Microsoft One Drive

  • Dropbox

General Office Productivity

Most people use Microsoft office software somewhere in their business or home life

More and more people use, Google docs, etc, because are free and can be shared among other people