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1 - Club Sites Preview

Website Resources provided to Clubs, Divisions & Districts- Free of Charge

If you have not already heard: KI will now help Clubs have a free (and good) public facing website. Which to say, to attract people we do not already know to our clubs.

New Kiwanis Website Announcement

SO if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity; Gain support within your club, Identify your Website lead, and Make your application from the link below!

Kiwanis will offer now a free, easy-to-use website for Clubs, Divisions and Districts during the 2019-20 fiscal year. Your division has been selected to be part of the initial rollout, and club websites are now being built in your district & division by your fellow members.

How will this work? The website platform is provided at no cost to you by Kiwanis International. Kiwanis hosts the websites and manages the WordPress software upgrades and security.

The website platform features include:

  • Free Facebook feed

  • Google calendar feed

  • Payment capabilities

  • Forms

  • Mobile-responsive design

  • Free logo design

Clubs that want a new website should follow the steps below:

Four steps to club website rollout

  1. The club assigns a webmaster. This is the person who will get trained by your district trainer and build out the club website.

  2. Click here to Complete a club interest form.

  3. Webmasters, as indicated on the club interest form, will receive an email when the site has been created. That member will confirm his or her access and log into the site, using directions found here.

    1. Module 0 - Site Security

    2. Module 1 - Accessing the Site

  4. The webmaster will complete the remaining training modules. The training is located as a DIY site; guided training via GoToMeeting will also be offered and found here. Examples of this website technology is at

I am available for consultation on how to work through the process


LG Mike

Here are the First Group of Training Files

Learn about - SEO - Search Engine Optimization.

3 - SEO Bootcamp

Club Sites Training Webinar - Creating Forms

Club sites webinar about creating forms.

Including Secure Form strategy

3. PayPal Payments Std & Gravity Forms

3. Creating a Donation Form, Feed and Testing

How to create a donation form, feed and testing your form using PayPal Sandbox.