Marketing Strategy

We are working on marketing Kiwanis in the Division 9 from 2 perspectives:

  • Overall Kiwanis identity in the Toronto area

    • Raising the Overall Kiwanis Awareness

  • 11 Individual Kiwanis Clubs

    • Focusing on the impact their own Communities

    • We need your Club's involvement to help get the Kiwanis message across to the whole Division & your Community

It will cover - the whole Gambit of strategies and tactics

  • Business Cards

  • Printed Materials

  • Pop up and signage

  • Online Marketing - Web and Social Media and Marketing

Working closely with Kiwanis International and their marketing team

Reference material can be found at

New Kiwanis Web & Social Media Strategy

We are building an integrated strategy, in conjunction with Kiwanis International FOCUSED on attracting NEW PEOPLE to Kiwanis that WE HAVE NOT MEET YET!

How does that work?

  • 120 Kiwanis Community Projects across the 11 Clubs in Division 9:

    • We know that the Kiwanis Clubs of of Division 9 are involved in, promote and make happen, over 120 different projects in our communities every year.

  • Hundreds of Community People:

    • We know that there are hundreds of people in our community, who would love to be involved in and participate in, our many community a service projects.

  • Social Media Marketing can reach these people:

    • We also know that careful and up-to-date use of Web and Social Media tools can help up reach these people and allow them to reach out to us.

We Need Your Club's Commitment to Make This Work

2020-02 Division 9 - Social Media Support Proposal Developed from Discussion at the Feb 1st DCM

  • Strategy to implement directives and resources from Kiwanis International to generate good looking public facing Kiwanis area & Club websites and social media sites that:

    • Make use cost effective resources available from Kiwanis International and the socical media marketplace

    • Consistent in its implementation of the Kiwanis brand throughout; image and message

    • Represents the clubs in the division 9 and their activities and programs

  • Find an individual and / or small business or company that can propose an “Implementation & Pricing proposal” based on this general plan.

  • Sort out a budget that the Kiwanis Clubs of Division 9 and afford and support.

  • I see there being 3 Stages; Setup, Extend & Ongoing. Each may have its own budget number.

1) Setup of social media and the Initial content

  1. Type of Social Media

    • Website

    • Facebook

    • Twitter

    • Instagram

    • Linkedin

      • *** Proposal will be based on any 3 of the above Social Media Tools

  2. Implemented with all the relevant Kiwanis images from the Kiwanis International Branding materials/resources

  3. Setup TechSoup accounts where possible or relevant

  4. Generation of Club Logos for each club & site

  5. Setup Facebook feed to Website where possible

  6. Setup of a Kiwanis International sponsored website for the KiwanisGTA (Division 9) and related Social Media

  7. Setup of a Kiwanis International sponsored websites for each club in Division 9 and related Social Media

  8. Setup for use, a shared folder, one per club, on GSuite for content transmission from Clubs to Social Media support team

    • Clubs will be responsible for adding raw images and outline of comments to the shared folder

    • Social Media team will grab the image, resize and rework comments and post to site

2) Extended content on each site

  1. Using all the KI Images

  2. Generation of Club specific image suitable for each type of Site

  3. Generation of 3 posts or stories for each type of Site, monthly, for 2 months

  4. Implementation of Google calendar on Website

  5. Setup of Emails on GSuite (if setup)

3) Ongoing support and content generation

  • Generate at least 3 (or as decided by budget) posts per month for each of the 3 Social Media