Getting Started

Developement Flow
  • See larger version below

Here it the link to the Request Form for the

  1. - Club Sites Interest Form

Here is the link to an example of the Customization and Content Folder by Club

  1. On the KiwanisGTA Google Suite - Example Content Folder to be filled out in preparation by the Club Contributor

  2. WordPress Club Site Club Information Form -example

Getting Started with the Plan

Overview of your contribution

The will cover what is required and how we will enable clubs to succeed effectively

Assign a Club Contributor

  • Over time, after initial setup procedures, the Club Contributor is really the Club CONTENT Coordinator. It could be one member or a team of members.

  • this is usually the name on the Kiwanis New Website Interest form

  • Kiwanis will consider this person the Web Master

  • This person will have the initial Admin account at the Kiwanis Club WordPress site and full permissions.

  • This person also need to know and manage the login permissions for the Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram and any other social media site in the plan for the club

  • The Division 9 Marketing Team will assist in managing permission.

What is required:

  • A Domain name for your club (we can help with if needed)

  • The contributing member of your club to provide information about your club as needed.

  • Club Information used to do the initial customization the WordPress Site to make it represent your Kiwanis Club

    • There is a Google Sheets Form provided to workout this information, prior to working on the WordPress site, It will be stored in your KiwanisGTA google Drive

  • Generate basic Ideas and Content to put on initial 5 web pages

    • Home

    • What we do (discussion of projects)

    • Events & Calendar upcoming Event Flyers and an up todate shared google calendar

    • About us

    • Becoming a member (contact us form)

  • Rough content (Words and Pictures) can be provided & stored a KiwanisGTA Google Drive folder for your club

  • Access to the central storage for your club - KiwanisGTA Google Drive folder - This can be a "share" to the contributing Club members own google drive

  • A Club Facebook & Instagram page will constructed & or maintained

    • From the same content folders

    • Content for the Facebook and Instagram can lead post the website

Who will do the work?

Web Social Media Specialist

The Division 9 Marketing Team, can provide a paid Specialist to pick up your contributions, and config the sites.


There is a required amount of communication between the Specialist , the Club Collaborator and the rest of the club, to ensure the process reflects the ideas and desires of the club members.